©yann haeberlin, TINA(?), 2018
self published, edition 250.
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"Yann Haeberlin’s book Tina(?)—an acronym for There Is No Alternative (?)—presents an elegant meditation on the artist’s time spent on an organic farm in Switzerland. Formerly viewed as a radical approach to agriculture, organic farming is no longer dependent on the use of pesticides. Throughout the book, Haeberlin inserts bits of text to explain the long history between herbicides and chemical warfare, and the motivations behind farmers returning to a more natural and sustainable approach. The images are a combination of “vegetable. portraits,” farm tool still lifes, and documentation of the landscape. Many of the subjects are shot, studio-style, in front of a white backdrop, often with the edges of the backdrop revealed within the frame. The book itself, with its exposed binding, raw cardboard paper case, and muted tones “looks really natural and without artifice, signaling a return to nature,” says Christoph Wiesner."

-The PhotoBook Review, Issue 15